Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage industries require several kind of cooling ,such as the temperature control to reduce the food and beverage bacterial load and the quick freezing/cooling of pre-cooked of frozen foods.

High precision temperature control in the various processes needs to ensure increased productivity, ensuring that the product reaches each stage of the production process in precise and repeatable conditions, and safeguarding the all-important organoleptic properties of the finished product such as taste, colour and smell.
The multiple applications in which MTA liquid chillers are implemented range from direct cooling of frozen foods, fish and pasta, to indirect cooling of dairy products, chocolate, meats and beverages, including wine, beer and fruit juices.


Why MTA is the perfect partner?

  • Extreme precision as regards temperature and humidity control, thank to the direct or indirect expansion cooling using water/glycol mixtures for fruit and vegetable produce processing and for storage premises;
  • Elevated system reliability, thanks to innovative design solutions, premium quality components and materials and redundancy of the refrigerant circuits;
  • Utmost levels of hygiene, thanks to the availability of various NON-FERROUS hydraulic circuits, including stainless steel, as well as stainless steel unit housings.

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