Water cooled chillers and heat pumps

Cooling capacity 380 - 1549 kW. Heating capacity 427 - 1740 kW.

The Aquarius Plus 2 water cooled screw chillers are the best solution for commercial and industrial applications when requirements are reliability and performances. They are designed to meet market requirements in terms of versatility and energy efficiency. Stepless cooling capacity regulation, electronic expansion valves and high efficiency heat exchangers with integrated heat recovery systems, contributes to obtain high performance both at full load and at partial load with exceptional ESEER value.
High-quality materials, advanced technical solutions and low running costs make Aquarius Plus 2, the best choice for big industrial and commercial systems.


Technical features
Mode Compressors Refrigerant Heat exchanger Fan
 222 4 R134a 6


High energy efficiency both at full load and at partial load (Eurovent A Class)
Stepless cooling capacity regulation with self-adaptive control
Heat exchangers with low water side pressure drops in order to save pumping costs
Low sound levels, thanks also to the availability of two different acoustic versions
Fully bundled heat recovery solutions
Technical specifications
Galvanised carbon sheet steel and polyester powder coated
Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant gas
High efficiency screw compressors with stepless regulation optimized for R134a refrigerant gas
Single pass shell & tubes heat exchangers optimized for R134a refrigerant gas
Electronic expansion valves
Electrical panel with numbered wires, forced ventilation and IP54 protection class
Compressor crankcase heaters
Phase monitor which provides protection against phase loss and phase reversal
xDrive microprocessor control
Cooling only
Heat pump with hydraulic system reversing
Condenserless (ME)
Low Water Temperature down to -8 °C (LWT)


Acoustic Versions
N - Basic acoustic configuration
SSN - Super silent acoustic configuration


Partial or total heat recovery
Water connection: flanges or victaulic
Compressors acoustical enclosure (SSN version);
Shut-off valves on suction line
Soft starter
Capacitors for compressors
Pressure control valves
Antivibration mounts
Remote control
Monitoring system


Sectors of application  
  • app plastics
  • app automotive
  • app chemical pharmaceutical
  • app food beverage
  • app machine tools
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  • 2eac

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